Some times we take for granted the buildings we see every day.  Weather its in photos, visual media or day to day travel, we often do not realize the secrets that some buildings may be hiding.  Today, TRM talk about some of the secrets of historical buildings.

August 25, 2022

Why is that? Part 2

Today TRM go back to ask the question, why is that?  Everyday things we say or do have a back story and today were going to talk about a few of them. 

August 16, 2022

Swing and a miss

Some times you try to do your best and it just doesn't work out. Or some one else gets in the way. Today, TRM talk about some of the times you go for it but you fall a little short, or maybe a lot short. 

June 16, 2022

Rambling On

No set topic on todays episode, just a good old conversation after not doing an episode in awhile. 

April 28, 2022

Old West Part 2

We continue our talk about the old west in this part 2.  From the Oregon trail, not so tasty treats, and bad medicine, to outlandish outlaws and tall tails, TRM wrap up our take on life in this "wild" time in history. 

April 19, 2022

Old West Part 1

We have all seen the classic western movies.  Cowboys, shootouts, card games and cattle, but there was a lot more to this era.  Today TRM discuss what it was really like in the old west.

To be called a nerd was once looked at in a negative light.  But today almost every one is a nerd in some regard.  But has it become to mainstream?  Today TRM talk the history of the culture and were it is at today. 

March 21, 2022


Having a sibling can be a blessing or a curse depending on your age, social ambition or just plain attitude.  You can't pick your siblings but you can learn from them, both good and bad.  

Over the years many items have been overlooked when it comes to safety.  Luckily TRM are here to shed some lite on more than a few of these products.  From toys and transportation to tech and food, were going to break down some of the totally unsafe and WTF items that somehow made it into our homes. 

February 17, 2022

Fortune Telling

Have you ever wished you had insight to the future?  Of cores you have, and so has everyone else.  Today TRM take a look at fortune tellers, some of their tools of the trade, and how some of these mystic arts works.  Let's check out the future, together!

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